Learn About the Different Types of Media Filters for Your HVAC System

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Most people probably know that their HVAC system has an air filter that is supposed to block debris from getting into the system and wreaking havoc. Hopefully, people also know that they’re supposed to change their air filters periodically in order for the filter to continue to do its job.

There are actually several different kinds of air filters available on the market. Each has its own advantages. From high-tech High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, to simple fiberglass panel filters and carbon air filters, to media and pleated air filters: there’s literally one for every HVAC system!

Depending on the type of system you have and your personal preference you can choose from a variety of kinds of filters.

HEPA filters

To be considered a true HEPA filter, these must meet specific standards. In America, obtaining HEPA qualification means the filter must block 99.73% of all particles that are .3 micrometers large. These filters are the best on the market and are often used in hospitals and airplanes (which use recirculated air) to prevent against the spread of airborne diseases. For household use, these filters block dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and other household allergens that can threaten your air.

Fiberglass panel filters

On the opposite end of the air filter spectrum are the fiberglass panel filters. These filters trap larger dust and other allergen particles (much larger than .3 micrometers). Since the dust they block is so big, these filters need to be changed regularly to avoid blocking any air flow through your HVAC system. These filters may need to be changed more frequently than other filters on the market.

Activated carbon air filter

You probably won’t need one of these unless your home is really smelly. The charcoal (activated carbon) in the filter acts as an odor blocker. These filters work on mitigating the odor, thus reducing the need for air fresheners… but they don’t block dust and other particles from entering your home. Since they work to prevent heavy odors, these are more commonly used in commercial buildings than in homes.

Media air filters

These are some of the most common air filters used by HVAC contractors for furnace service in Kalamazoo, MI. They’re not too expensive and do their job of blocking particles well. Several layers of material work together to trap any particles before they reach the inside of your home.

Pleated air filters

Pleated air filters are very similar to media air filters. Particles land and are stopped by the cover of the filter. Since particles land on the filter’s cover, this kind of filter needs to be changed more often than media air filters.

Don’t wait to replace your filter before there’s a problem and you need emergency furnace service in Kalamazoo, MI. Experts recommend changing your filter every three to four months. Call us today at 269-343-8668 to find out how we can set you up with the right air filter for your furnace.

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