Schedule Air Conditioning Service in Kalamazoo, MI to Prepare for Summer!

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Winter may be holding on a little while longer, but spring will arrive before you know it—along with summer and the hot days ahead. You want a cooler home when you activate your air conditioning service for the first time—not the dreaded thud and no cool air. Scheduling air conditioning service in Kalamazoo, MI now before summer starts is the best way to assure this does not occur. Here are five services to consider for your air conditioning:

  • General tune-up: Heat pump systems share functions with air conditioning, and yours has likely been working hard the last several months. Since warmer months will only continue these demands, give it a well-earned tune-up so it continues to work well for you. This allows us to clean filters and check for possible malfunctions. Scheduling this maintenance appointment is the best way to neutralize problems before they become serious.
  • New thermostats: If you have not upgraded to programmable thermostats, consider doing that now. They are easy to use and they save you money. If you endured rooms that felt like refrigerators while the rest of your home was toasty all winter long, this will not change with the season. You do not want to come home to an air conditioner blowing on high despite it only being 60 degrees outside. New thermostats are one way to even out heating and cooling and assure your equipment runs appropriately.
  • New air filters: The air filters in your air conditioning system affect almost all functions. They produce better air quality so heating and cooling does not leave your home smelling musty. Air filters contribute to efficiency by keeping debris out of the motor. When they become dirty or wear out, you will hear your furnace or AC unit struggling to operate. Many seemingly serious problems easily find a solution with new air filters. Start a schedule to change them out every few months, especially if you have pets. At the very least, install new ones between each season.
  • Address blowing power: Air conditioning, like your furnace, depends on a strong blower. When it wears out and no longer keeps up with your heating or cooling needs, you need to address that problem quickly. If you have a heat pump, switching to AC does not remove this problem completely—as mentioned above, they share functions. We can inspect your system and figure out if it is links to your thermostat or a mechanical or electrical failure. This problem comes with big impacts and many possibilities. It is one for us to address!
  • Replacement: After years of service, your heat pump, furnace and air conditioning may be inefficient and worn out. Technology changes each year, so if you are spending time and money on frequent repair bills, it may be time for an upgrade. We are experienced in all brands of HVAC systems and can help you decide on the right one to install.

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