Why Your Outdoor Unit Needs Air Conditioning Repair in Kalamazoo, MI Before Another Summer

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Many air conditioning systems include an outdoor unit, and it is likely yours took a beating all winter long. When you schedule air conditioning repair in Kalamazoo, MI to get ready for summer, do not overlook your outdoor unit. Even better, take care of it during spring and summer. Here is what frequently damages outdoor units and how to prevent problems from occurring and leaving you uncomfortable in the summer heat:

  • Ice and debris: Flying dirt, lawn mower clippings, leaves and loose twigs beat up an outdoor unit both inside and outside. Winter ice also does it no favors, and while these units are made for the rigors of the outdoors, that does not mean natural elements are good for it. Leaves are often the worse because they block filters and embed themselves where airflow is most needed. Defrost any remaining ice and break it off the unit. Remove excess dirt and pull leaves out of vents. Change filters, too. When yard work starts, trim overgrowth away from it and use a bag for your lawn mower so clippings never interfere with it.
  • Out-of-control plants: Shrubs are excellent windbreakers, but they can also crowd your outdoor unit and prevent airflow. They drop leaves into the unit as well, and can clog the motor. Once the snow melts, trim them down. If plants grow into the coil or fan, carefully remove them and call a technician if they are especially embedded. That causes the most breakdowns but can be prevented with careful landscaping.
  • Animals: We frequently get air conditioning failure calls and then discover an outdoor unit that reeks of pet urine. This spring, build a fence or barrier around it so your dog cannot urinate on it. Even if you do not have a dog or cat, build the barrier anyway, since wild animals can also cause this damage.
  • No base: The outdoor unit should never have contact directly with the ground. If this was supposed to be a short-term solution last summer that unfortunately continued through winter, it will have issues. Dirt and leaves literally came at it from all angles, and that will affect the fans and coils. You can prevent this by building a stone or concrete base to keep it safe. If you do not have the time or budget for that, at least place it on top of a pallet.
  • Treated like a table: Your outdoor unit is not made to be a table, especially if the fan is located on top. The barrier that keeps it safe from animals will also discourage using it as a surface for toys and yard tools. Maintaining this bad habit risks compromising airflow and reducing the cooling power to your home. Now is a good time to stop!

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