Which Is Better: An Electric Furnace or a Gas Furnace?

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Furnaces are available in gas or electric models, and both types of residential furnace work hard to keep the insides of homes warm when the weather turns cold. The thing to remember is that no matter the type of furnace you have, it needs regular inspections and maintenance in order to work efficiently and safely. If you’re in the market for furnace replacement in Kalamazoo, MI, should you get an electric or a gas model? Here are the pros and cons of both heating options.

Electric furnaces: Pros and cons

Electric furnaces are an environmentally friendly home heating option. There is a downside, however, in that energy costs can be high. Whether electricity is your area’s preferred energy source really depends on where you live and how you use the furnace. Most forced-air heating systems use electricity, but electric furnaces are not common mostly due to the high cost of electricity as fuel for furnaces in most regions. Electric furnaces are similar to conventional gas furnaces, with the difference being that they produce heat with electric heating elements rather than gas burners.

  • Pros: Electric furnaces do not have to rely on natural gas. As such, electric heating offers an advantage over other gas and other combustion fuels: it doesn’t give off carbon monoxide. This is good for the environment and your safety. In some areas around the country, this might be all you need to heat or cool your home throughout the year.
  • Cons: We mentioned above that furnaces running on electricity can increase energy bills. Additionally, more of a problem than a total con is that electric furnace operation can be interrupted by power outages, faulty heating elements or blower issues. Keep in mind that although your electric furnace is inside a cabinet, it can quickly turn into a high-voltage hazard. If your electric furnace starts acting up, it’s best to call a qualified HVAC technician for service.

Gas furnaces: Pros and cons

Gas furnaces are what most people associate with heating units. A gas furnace is a heating unit that’s powered by natural gas to create original heat. Additionally, gas-powered units pair well with split system air conditioners and heat pumps. In fact, a natural gas furnace is a fantastic way to heat up your home and keep it warm for as long as you need. You get powerful heating at a relatively low cost every month.

  • Pros: Not only do gas furnaces provide a lot of warm air, but powerful heat as well. Many homeowners like natural gas heating systems because they tend to be less expensive to run when compared to electric furnaces. Do you have a central air conditioner? Do you have a heat pump? A natural gas furnace will pair nicely.
  • Cons: Some people are a little wary of having natural gas powering anything in their home. That is completely understandable, especially since natural gas gives off carbon monoxide. For this reason, you must always have working carbon monoxide detectors.

Electric or gas—it’s your choice! However, if you need guidance before furnace replacement in Kalamazoo, MI, feel free to call All Brands Heating and Cooling. Our team is ready to help!

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