Weird Smelling Coming from Your AC? You Might Need HVAC Repair in Cadillac, MI

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You were hoping for the pleasant aroma of fresh blooms this season, but instead you’re smelling odd odors in your home. You realize the source is your AC system. Why is your air conditioner stinking up your home? What is causing that crazy smell, and do you need HVAC repair in Cadillac, MI?

You might. A variety of odors are fairly common due to issues with your HVAC system. Sniff out the following to determine what next steps you should take to rid your home of the smell and start enjoying the flower season again.

Dirty Socks

If you realize the odor isn’t coming from the laundry pile but from the AC, you might need HVAC repair. Typically, a professional cleaning will take care of this issue. The drain pain may be clogged or the evaporator coils may be dirty, creating stagnant water that can smell like stinky feet.


Does it smell like someone just lit a cigarette every time your AC kicks on? If anyone who lives in the home smokes, the odor of cigarette smoke can build up in the filter and the evaporator coil. If this is the case, the odor will be released each time you turn on the air conditioner.

Try changing the filter. You can also schedule a professional cleaning to clear up the issue. To prevent future issues, you can smoke outdoors instead of inside the home.


Never ignore a burning smell! If it smells like something is burning, something probably is. The AC may have an overheated motor, wiring damage or other issues such as a short in the circuit board.

If you smell burning, turn off the unit immediately. If the odor persists, turn off the breaker box, leave the home, and contact the fire department. Once the immediate danger has been resolved, contact a professional technician.

Dirty Trash

Occasionally, rodents die in an HVAC unit or duct system. When this happens, the smell of decomposition can travel throughout the home. If you smell a rotting or dirty trash odor, turn off the system and call a professional for pest removal or HVAC repair.

Rotten Eggs

If you experience a sulfur or rotten eggs smell, this could be a gas leak. Do not ignore it. If you smell rotten eggs from your vent, do not operate electrical items or anything with a flame, put out any open flames, open doors and windows for ventilation, turn off your gas supply, evacuate, and contact your gas company.

Follow Your Nose

Is your nose telling you that you need HVAC repair in Cadillac, MI? Contact the professionals at Able Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We are your go-to source for residential and commercial HVAC services.

Our team has been delivering top-quality HVAC service since 1994. Our track record of success includes an A+ rating with Angie’s List. Reach us today at 231-779-5430 for better smells tomorrow. 24-hour emergency services are available.

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