Are Your Air Ducts Leaking?

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Homeowners should know how to inspect leaky air ducts, as they can cause numerous issues if they are not handled immediately. If you do not want to lose 20 to 30 percent of your conditioned air to leaky ducts this summer, the first step is to learn how to tell if air ducts in your Portage, MI home are leaking. This will help your home become more comfortable and reduce your cooling expenses. Here are four signs that your air ducts require repair:

  • High utility bills: One of the first early signs of leaky air ducts is a spike in your utility bills. As indicated above, leaks can reduce your cooled or heated air output by up to 30 percent, which causes your HVAC system to work harder. This eventually places pressure on your system, and a larger power demand, which reflects in your next bill. These effects are not without a cause, so if you notice an unexplained spike, call for service.
  • Cold and hot spots: Leaking air ducts also make it impossible to evenly cool and heat your home. Room temperature will vary widely, and you will find drafts or spots that are warmer than in the rest of your home. You may also notice some rooms become insufferably stuffy. While this can occur with shortcomings in an older HVAC system, leaky air ducts can also contribute to it. A leak in one room often means less cooling or heating in another. Sealing your ducts can eliminate this symptom.
  • Reduced air quality: If you are dusting more than usual or allergy symptoms seem out of control, leaking air ducts may be to blame. When ductwork leaks, it releases more than air—it also releases dust accumulation from your basement or attic. This becomes much worse if you have not cleaned your ducts for a while and allowed for a buildup of dirt, debris and pet dander within them. You will never keep up with the dusting because every time you activate your HVAC, that’s more dust going right back into your home. It is likely that you will not only need to repair your ducts, but also arrange for cleaning them.
  • You see the damage: While these signs almost always indicate duct troubles, sometimes you just need to take a look and see what is going on. When you know how to inspect leaky air ducts in Portage, MI, look out for loose connectors, kinks in flexible ducts and holes. You may even see that the duct connectors are completely separated and notice drafts leaking out from these openings. If you cannot readily reconnect or seal holes, call for HVAC service before you suffer further impacts.

All Brands Heating & Cooling offers air conditioning and heating services in the Portage, MI area. Once you know how to tell if the air ducts in your home are leaking, you will know when to call us for repairs that will improve air quality and temperature within your home. Contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment.

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