What Are the Dangers of DIY AC Repair?

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So, you’re pretty handy, and your air conditioner is acting up in the dead of summer. Before you’re tempted to break out the toolbox and do it yourself, you should understand the dangers of DIY AC repair in Portage, MI.

Rolling up your sleeves and repairing your own AC seems like it’ll save time and money, but you’re actually far more likely to injure yourself or make a costly mistake. Calling a professional is the safe and smart thing to do, no matter how minor the repairs may seem to be. Here’s what can happen when an amateur tries to fix their own air conditioner:

  • Not understanding what needs to be repaired: You might think you know what needs to be fixed in your air conditioner, but it’s very easy to “repair” the wrong component, damage another part or fail to recognize what’s causing the problem. While some cases are obvious, trained professionals are better able to spot what’s happening. They’ll also better understand how each component interacts with the others. This saves you from causing more damage and needing to call a professional anyway.
  • Voiding your air conditioner warranty: Your air conditioner warranty most likely requires you to have it serviced by professionals, rather than through DIY repair. If your air conditioner is long past its warranty, you might decide to go for DIY—but we still wouldn’t recommend it, thanks to the safety issues involved. If you have an active warranty, we wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals: Air conditioners use toxic chemical coolants to keep your house at a pleasant temperature. They’re safe inside the AC unit, but you run the risk of coming into contact with them when you attempt a DIY repair. Just inhaling the chemicals can result in illness or even death. You also must consider how you’ll safely and legally dispose of the coolant. In the end, it’s not worth it—let a trained pro assume the risk.
  • Electrocution: Working with air conditioners means you risk exposure to high-voltage electricity. In addition to electrocution risk, you could damage the components further, resulting in burned wires, sparking and other dangerous outcomes. Handling air conditioner repairs requires extensive safety gear, as well as a thorough knowledge of safety practices. Don’t risk your life, health and air conditioner in a quest to save a little money.
  • Hitting a gas line: Finally, be extremely wary of natural gas lines. About half the homes in America are heated by natural gas, which is highly flammable. A trained, licensed professional will be able to repair the unit without damaging your gas line and risking fire or explosion. The results are too devastating to chance it.

These and other DIY AC repair dangers in Portage, MI are ultimately just too risky for laypeople to take on. Instead, call Portage’s premier air conditioning repair company, All Brands Heating & Cooling. We can install, repair or maintain your air conditioner the right way. Call today to schedule your air conditioner repair.

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