How Many Volts Typically Run Through an Air Handler?

December 18, 2020 4:01 am

AC units need annual maintenance checks in order to properly function. This includes making sure the air handler volts are at the right levels. A technician from Portage, MI will assess the voltage and address problems that are hindering the AC unit’s performance. Here are some factors that determine how many volts run through an air handler. Capacitor voltage The capacitor is an essential component for every central AC unit. It generates and stores voltage, powering other components such as the compressor, contactor and air handler. The maximum electrical load of your AC unit’s capacitor determines how many volts run... View Article

Should Your Ductwork Be Insulated?

December 4, 2020 12:02 am

The simple answer to this question is yes—ductwork insulation comes with many benefits, including lower energy bills and prevention of severe damage. In fact, the comfort of your living space is likely to suffer without it! Here’s why homeowners in Portage, MI should inspect their HVAC systems, along with some information concerning what insulation can be used for ducts. Seal cracks for improved airflow Ductwork insulation will deliver more hot and cold air to the rooms in your house. If rooms get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, there might be hidden cracks in the... View Article