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Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler During the Summer

April 20, 2021 6:26 am

Now that the days are longer and the temperatures are climbing, chances are your heating system is just about the furthest thing from your mind. Even though it will be many months before your boiler is in use again, it’s still a good idea to consider investing in boiler replacement in Portage, MI. Replacing your boiler during the summer is a great way to avoid the hassle of getting a new boiler installed in the dead of winter, and it’s worth looking into this service as a summer project. When to replace a boiler A lot of homeowners wonder when... View Article

What Are Some Common Issues with Boiler Systems?

November 20, 2020 12:02 am

Homeowners frustrated with their hot water supply are likely dealing with one of several common boiler issues. Malfunctioning boilers are a pain, especially in the middle of a frigid Portage, MI winter! Read on to learn what issues are most common with boilers and when to consult an HVAC contractor. Wrong thermostat settings In the best-case scenario, your boiler could be perfectly fine—sometimes all you have to do is readjust its thermostat. This boiler component is similar to the thermostat mounted in your living room that regulates temperatures throughout the house. Thermostats maintain a high enough temperature within the boiler... View Article

When Is It Time to Replace Your Boiler?

May 4, 2020 10:48 pm

Determining when it’s time to replace a faulty boiler is one of the hardest choices a homeowner can face. It’s a significant cost and investment, to be sure, and determining which boiler to buy requires a substantial amount of research. You want to carefully go over all the pros and cons of going from repairing an old boiler to replacing it with a new one, and there’s a number of factors to keep in mind that can help you inform your choice. At All Brands Heating & Cooling, boiler replacement in Kalamazoo, MI is one of our specialties, so you... View Article