Ductwork Repair & Replacement in Portage, MI

duct repairThere are many reasons to consider air duct repair in Portage, MI or duct replacement in your home. Inefficient heating, a new furnace installation or a change in the layout of your home are all reasons to call All Brands Heating and Cooling for air duct installation in Portage, MI. Our team works to ensure your ductwork is conducive to quality airflow and efficiency in your home.

Duct Repair

Ductwork installed decades ago might not be up to the task of delivering air efficiently to your home. Old ductwork might pre-date a newer, higher capacity furnace for example. Or, it could have small gaps in its construction that allow air to escape. Whatever the case may be, repairs can help fix these inefficiencies. We deliver duct repair that shores up air leaks, replaces damaged sections and more.

Our scope of duct repair spans from your furnace directly to your vents and registers, to ensure nothing is missed along the way. We pride ourselves on thoroughness and craftsmanship, assuring the highest caliber repairs to keep your ductwork in prime condition moving forward.

Duct Replacement

If the scope of repairs is extensive or your ductwork just isn’t adapted for use in your home any longer, consider calling our team for duct replacement. We have the ability to rip out old ductwork and replace it with new, tailored solutions that deliver air efficiently and completely to your home. Some reasons to consider duct replacement include:
duct in attic

  • Upgraded to a different furnace capacity
  • Old ductwork has suffered heavy damage
  • Renovations change the floorplan of your home
  • Vents and registers have been added or removed
  • Home addition or second story living space added

Our goal is to furnish your home with ductwork that ensures maximum air delivery, in a manner that offers consistency and comfort. We full fabrication capabilities, we provide custom solutions that are truly tailored.

Ductwork, Done Right!

When your home demands ductwork repairs or replacement, contact All Brands Heating and Cooling. We’ll provide you with the solutions needed to enjoy perfect air delivery throughout your living space. Contact us today at 269-436-4045 for more information.