Furnace Repair & Replacement in Portage, MI

repairing furnaceYour furnace is the central heartbeat of your entire HVAC system. It’s critical to always ensure it’s kept in prime condition and working efficiently at all times. Inefficiencies, malfunctions and breakdowns can be costly to your pocketbook and your quality of life.

All Brands Heating and Cooling will make sure your furnace is getting the care it needs—especially in situations requiring repair and replacement. We have years of refined expertise in delivering top-level repairs, and we’re proud to be the go-to, trusted resource for furnace installation in Portage, MI.

Furnace Repair

From faulty pilot lights, to dirty flame sensors, to malfunctioning blowers and beyond, our team takes pride in delivering complete furnace repair service in Portage, MI. We troubleshoot all symptoms to find the core problem—then, we resolve it entirely to get your furnace back into flawless working condition. Our expertise extends to virtually any brand of furnace, regardless of size or capacity.

We welcome furnace repair projects big and small. From blower replacements to a simple flame sensor retrofit, we put the work in to ensure your furnace is back up and running in no time at all. Our techs arrive with a stocked van and access to a huge inventory of parts, enabling us to get your furnace what it needs quickly and without compromise.

New Furnace Installations

new furnaceIs your furnace more than a decade old? Have you noticed your heating bills climbing in the winter? Your unit could be near the end of its life, ready to be replaced by a new, more energy-efficient system. Our team will take care of the retrofit.

We’re adept at installing a new furnace that’s ideal for your home. Let us advise you on a reputable brand and size that fits within your budget. Then, we’ll take care of removal of your old unit and hookup of your new installation. When we’re through you’ll enjoy a furnace that heats your home efficiently and effectively for years to come.

Don’t waste any time if your furnace is on the fritz—call All Brands Heating and Cooling right away. We can be reached at 269-436-4045 and are ready to service your furnace, no matter what it needs.