Common Furnace Problems and What They Mean

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Imagine that fall is here and, along with it, those crisp, cool nights. On the first chilly night, you go to turn on your furnace and something’s wrong. You’re not getting the immediate toasty warm heat that you did last year, and now you’re stuck with a cold house and wondering what to do.

The truth is that during the months that your furnace is not in use, a lot of things can happen that will keep it from working properly. From broken blowers to loose wires, it’s hard to know what’s causing the problem.

Although a problem with your furnace requires that you call for professional furnace repair in Kalamazoo, MI, it is helpful to know what could be causing your furnace issues. Below are a few common furnace problems and what they mean:

Furnace won’t turn on

It seems that this is probably the most common problem people experience, and that’s because a power failure can be due to a wide range of possible issues. Some of the most common issues would be a blower motor failure, a blown transformer, tripped breakers, loose wiring or connections, or a faulty control board. Some of these problems are quick fixes, but others are a bit more serious.

Blower won’t turn on

If your furnace turns on, but you don’t hear the blower running, there may be a problem with the motor that runs the blower. Common problems with the blower motor include a cracked, frayed, or broken belt. It is also possible that the motor may have an overheating problem, in which case the whole motor would need to be replaced.

Blower won’t turn off

If you hear your blower running constantly or it seems to be running more frequently than it needs to, you may have an issue with the air filter. If the air filter becomes clogged, the air flow is restricted which could be affecting the switch limit for the blower.

Burner won’t light

If your pilot light is working, but your furnace burner won’t light, there could be a few different things going on. You may have a faulty control board. Another possibility is an irregular combination fan-limit control.

Burner won’t stay lit

Unfortunately, if you are experiencing a burner that won’t stay lit, it is most likely due to neglecting regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups. Sometimes the problem may be as simple as the need of a flame sensor cleaning or condensate drain cleaning. However, the problem may be due to something more serious such as a furnace gas supply issue.

Weird noises

Loud or strange noises coming from the furnace are usually a sign of a serious problem, possibly even a system failure. In these cases, to avoid additional damages, it’s important to call for professional furnace repair in Kalamazoo, MI right away.

Although problems with your furnace almost always require a call to a professional, it’s helpful to know some common furnace problems and what they mean.

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