The Summer Heat Wave is Here! Try These Tips to Stay Cool

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Now that the hot summer days are in full swing, it will be important that you and your family stay as cool as possible while enjoying the sun this season. If you don’t make sure that you are properly protected while participating in your summer activities, you could become vulnerable to some of the dangers that the hot weather can bring. Here are several tips from your local providers of air conditioning repair in Kalamazoo, MI on how you and your family can remain cool and comfortable despite the scorching temperatures this season:

  • Keep your home shaded: Just like the branches and leaves provide shade from the sun outside, you will need to keep your home’s interior shaded from the sun’s direct beams during the hottest points of the day. Keeping drapes, blinds or curtains shut when the sun is at full blast will go a long way in keeping the inside of your house cool during the day.
  • Stay hydrated: The best thing you can do for your body when the temperatures climb is make sure that you are taking in enough fluids. Because the heat causes you to sweat, you are prone to losing vital hydration throughout the hot summer day. It is a necessity that you replenish frequently with water and sports drinks, while also avoiding dehydrating drinks such as caffeine and alcohol.
  • Wear breathable clothing: You can also help yourself out by selecting the right outfit to wear for the day. Cotton and linen clothing items allow your skin to breathe, and will absorb sweat to help keep your body’s temperature down throughout the day. When it is extremely hot, avoid synthetic materials such as polyester or rayon. They don’t offer the same breathability as the other materials, and as a result trap the heat and sweat that your body is emanating, making for an unpleasant and sticky day. If you know you will be in the sun all day, try to wear lighter colored clothes, as this will help reflect rather than absorb the sun’s rays.
  • Always pay attention: When an individual’s internal body temperature is above 105 degrees, heat stroke can occur. Be on the lookout for symptoms such as dry skin, dizziness and headaches, loss of consciousness, disorientation and increased heartbeat. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure you call 911 right away.

If you have air conditioning in your home, it will be important for you to make sure your system stays in good shape so that you and your family can remain cool all summer, despite the climbing temperatures. If you don’t have air conditioning, this could be the year that you finally start looking into installation. Either way, our team here at All Brands Heating and Cooling has got you covered with top-of-the-line air conditioning repair in Kalamazoo, MI and installation that is done right the first time. Give us a call, no matter what your needs may be, so we can make sure your family gets through another summer in comfort.

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