How to Stay Cool During a Power Outage

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Everyone knows that one of the best ways to stay cool during the summer is to stay inside where there’s air conditioning, but what happens if the power goes out? Without power, you’re clearly not going to be able to adjust the thermostat to make it cooler inside. This scenario is when you have to get clever. Continue reading to learn how you can beat the heat when your power is out. These tips also work if you’re waiting for AC repair in Kalamazoo, MI during the summer months:

  • Wear thin clothes: Wearing light and loose-fitting clothing is one of the easiest ways to stay cool when you don’t have power. Tight clothes restrict blood flow, which raises your internal temperature, so make sure you’re wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts while you’re waiting for the electric company to fix the power problem.
  • Spray yourself with water: Get a spray bottle and fill it up with cool water. If you can’t make it to a pool, spraying yourself with some cool water is not a bad alternative.
  • Close off the warmest rooms: Certain rooms in your house, like the ones receiving direct sunlight, are bound to be warmer than others. Close the doors to these rooms so that heat doesn’t radiate to other parts of the house.
  • Open windows at night: The temperature obviously gets a little cooler at night once the sun goes down. Open up all of your windows and try to get a cross breeze going when it’s dark out. You’ll be amazed at how much cooler it gets inside with the windows open at night.
  • Sleep outside: Take the principle above one step further and just sleep outside! You’ll sleep like a baby in the great outdoors—just make sure you wear bug spray to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes while you’re outside.
  • Seal all air leaks: The amount of hot air that sneaks in through cracks in your windows and doorways is almost hard to believe. You can prevent a lot of that air from coming in by caulking any small cracks you find in your home. This isn’t just good practice when the power’s out—you can actually do this periodically throughout the year to save money on your electric bills!
  • Install awnings: It’s nice to have some natural light fill your home on sunny afternoons—that is, until the power is out and your home feels like a greenhouse! Even if you already have curtains, installing awnings over your windows will block even more sunlight from getting inside.
  • Buy battery-powered fans: Though they don’t work as well as central AC, a few battery-powered fans can do wonders to keep you cool while you’re stuck inside without power. The best part? These fans aren’t very expensive, and they’ll last for hours without needing the batteries changed.

Let’s hope we don’t have any power outages any time soon. But if we do, the tips above from All Brands Heating and Cooling will surely help you stay cool and comfortable while you wait for the power to come back on. Get in touch with us if you need AC repair in Kalamazoo, MI this summer!

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