Best Tips for Staying Warm on Very Cold Winter Days

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Now that winter is in full swing, you are probably experiencing your fair share of seasonal weather and frigid temperatures. Whether you’re trying to save some money on heating costs or your furnace isn’t performing the way it’s supposed to, you might be looking for a few ways to stay warm without relying solely on your heating system. Here are several things that you can do to beat the cold when the temperatures drop, even if your furnace isn’t working and you’re waiting for furnace repair service in Kalamazoo, MI:

  • Wear layers: One of the best ways for you to beat the cold is to wear layers around your house. A warm shirt, socks and a hat can make a huge difference in your comfort level while you’re at home. Layering up is a simple way for you to stay warm without spending extra money on heating. You should also keep blankets around the house so that you, your family and your guests can bundle up if it gets too chilly.
  • Drink warm beverages: A hot cup of coffee or tea can make you feel much warmer when the weather outside gets chilly. Keep plenty of your favorite warm beverages on hand and brew yourself a drink when you start to feel cold. Not only do these beverages help you feel warm and cozy, they are also a great way to relax on mellow winter days.
  • Use heavy curtains: You might not be able to control the weather, but you can control some of the ways that the weather affects your home. Heavy curtains can keep a lot of cold air out of your space and reduce drafts that bring down your indoor temperature. Try to keep heavy curtains drawn when the weather is cold, and open them up whenever you get direct sunlight. You should also make sure that your exterior windows and doors are insulated to prevent drafts. Roll up towels to fill gaps that allow cold air to get into your home, and make sure that all of your doors and windows are kept closed and latched.
  • Get your furnace up and running: If your furnace isn’t working properly or you’re concerned about energy waste, it’s a good idea to reach out to a professional technician for help. They will be able to inspect your system and identify potential problems that might negatively impact operation or efficiency. With regular maintenance and professional furnace repair service in Kalamazoo, MI, you can improve the efficiency, performance and longevity of your system so that you can keep your home more comfortable during the winter months.

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