Why Is It Important to Clean Your Heating Coils?

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You’ve probably heard that cleaning the various elements of your HVAC system can keep the system in good condition and prevent it from working harder than it has to for you to keep your home at the proper temperature. While you probably know that you should change your filters every few months, and may even take steps to clean your ducts or air vents, you might not be aware that it’s also important to clean your heating coils. A deep cleaning of both indoor and outdoor coils at least once a year can provide you with the best results for your long-term HVAC operation.

If you fail to clean off your dirty condenser coils, not only will it become more likely that you’ll have to call for furnace repair service in Kalamazoo, MI, but you’ll also experience the following results:

  • Higher energy bills: If you don’t have a clean HVAC system, you’ll quickly find that you’ll have to pay a lot more money on your energy bills, because it is much harder for a dirty system to operate efficiently. Cleanliness, then, is very important with regard to the operation of your HVAC equipment. Clogged, dirty coils will require a system to run longer and harder for it to reach the desired temperature in your home. Therefore, if you want to lower your energy bills, you should make sure to have your heating coils inspected and cleaned at least once a year with the help of a professional HVAC technician.
  • Shortened unit life: We already established that dirty coils will have to run harder and longer to keep your home at your desired temperature. You should also be aware that over a longer period of time, this increased demand on the mechanical components of your HVAC system will reduce the unit’s expected lifespan. Obviously, replacing a furnace or other part of your HVAC system represents a major expense, one that you’d probably rather put off as long as possible. Therefore, cleaning your heating coils can make a big difference in the long run in terms of how long your equipment will last so you don’t have to shell out the money to replace it anytime soon.
  • Additional repairs: Dirty coils cause your system to run long and hard, which means you can expect the components of your HVAC system to wear out faster than they might have otherwise in the past. Getting your heating coils cleaned annually by a professional HVAC technician will cut down on the potential need for repairs you’ll have with your system. This is a great part of any preventative maintenance plan for your overall HVAC system.

For more information about furnace repair service in Kalamazoo, MI and the steps you should take to keep your heating coils clean, we encourage you to reach out to the experienced technicians at All Brands Heating & Cooling today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about proper HVAC operation, cleaning and maintenance. We look forward to working with you soon!

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