What Does an AC Tune-Up Involve?

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Keeping your heating and cooling units well maintained is an important part of owning a home. A tune-up by a professional provider of air conditioning repair in Kalamazoo, MI can help keep unexpected breakdowns from happening. They can also help increase efficiency, safety and the lifespan of your unit. There’s also the financial bonus. Catching any mechanical issues ahead of time can keep you from having to pay for expensive emergency repairs. Here’s some of what a professional tune-up usually includes when checking your AC unit:

  • System inspection: During a checkup by your provider of air conditioning repair in Kalamazoo, MI, the first thing that will be checked is whether the unit works. After this, the technician will take a closer look at the machinery inside, looking for any wear and tear or other possible mechanical problems. For an AC unit, that means checking the drain pan, the refrigerant levels and the other components of the unit. If any of these show any signs of damage or problems, the technician will let you know.
  • Spring cleaning: This may be what makes an AC tune-up so important. Even if you’re on top of changing the air filter, your unit should still be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. During the tune-up, the air conditioning repair technician in Kalamazoo, MI should take care of this. The cleaning will help the machinery run more smoothly and increase the efficiency of the AC unit.
  • Performance check: At some point, your technician will want to check the system to see if it’s working properly. This may allow them to catch any issues. If the machine isn’t working efficiently, the air conditioning repair technician in Kalamazoo, MI can catch it ahead of the heavy usage season. Depending on the problem, a simple cleaning may solve it, or it may need a closer inspection.
  • Early repairs: After all the work by the air conditioning repair technician in Kalamazoo, MI to tune up the AC unit, any problems can now be addressed. If there are problems with the system, your technician will fix them. This can be as simple as recharging the refrigerant levels in your system and checking for leaks. They may also swap out fan blades and other smaller parts to keep the AC unit running smoothly. They will also point out any parts that show signs of wear and tear and give their expert advice on whether they should be replaced now or if it’s something that can be replaced later. Usually you’ll want to choose to get the part fixed right away to keep from having an unexpected breakdown during a hot and muggy day.

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