What Maintenance Is Required for an Air Handler?

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Your home’s heating and cooling system works hard each and every time you switch it on. The heater produces warm air, and the air conditioner provides the cool air, but there’s a crucial element of your HVAC that’s tasked with a big job. It’s called the air handler. The short explanation of air handlers is that they are built to ensure freshly cooled or heated air gets distributed evenly throughout your living space. A properly functioning, well-maintained air handler won’t leave cold spots or uneven heat.

What is an air handler?

The air handler is the component of your central heating and cooling system that circulates conditioned air throughout your home. HVACs have two main parts: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, or air handler. When paired with a heat pump, the air handler can circulate cool air during the warmer months and hot air during the colder months. Your system must have the right size air handler in order to ensure you and your family get clean, comfortable indoor air all year long. The more efficient the air handler, the less stress your outdoor unit has to go through to provide indoor comfort.

If an air handler gives off an unpleasant smell, it will spread to all parts of your home. This odor is likely due to debris buildup in the coils.

Here’s a closer look at important preventative maintenance for the air handler in your Kalamazoo, MI home’s HVAC system. Make sure these steps are performed by a professional:

  • Dismantle the air handler: In order to identify an issue, the air handler unit has to be dismantled. Before maintenance begins, your technician will switch off the air conditioning unit on the outside, as well as the air handler’s electrical panel. After all the coolant is out of the refrigerant lines, these lines, the condensation drain, the fan system and the air handler itself are removed.
  • Clean the air handler: The air handler can be cleaned with a vacuum and wiped down with an antibacterial/antimicrobial solution. Once the air handler unit is clean, the technician hoses off the coils until it’s completely rinsed, then he or she repeats the same steps to clean the fan system.
  • Rebuild the unit: After the air handler has been dismantled, cleaned and checked, it’s time to rebuild it. Putting the air handler back together means cutting to size a new insulated duct board and securing it with aluminum tape and plastic rib. The technician may secure each seam with a coat of mastic adhesive cement. The fan system, refrigerant lines and condensation drain are then reattached.
  • Finishing touches: The technician will inspect the freshly cleaned air handler before they leave. Make sure the filter on the unit is changed at least once a year, or more often if you’re prone to seasonal allergies or have pets. Sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan and the company will handle this whole process for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact All Brands Heating & Cooling to learn about the benefits of professional air handler maintenance in Kalamazoo, MI. Reach out to us today to schedule service.

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