Can Your AC Be Damaged by Closing Certain Vents?

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Your air conditioning is one of the most important parts of keeping your home comfortable and cool. The HVAC unit itself, the condenser and the ductwork/ventilation system must all be working in harmony to keep the system running smoothly, so it’s imperative that homeowners understand how all these components can affect the overall health of their heating and cooling.

The fact that closing AC vents damages your AC in Portage, MI is news to many of our customers, but it’s important information to know. This action can have an impact on various parts of the intricate and complex HVAC system, and understanding what it does can help you avoid discomfort and the need for repairs.

Why do people close their vents?

A lot of people close their vents because they believe they’re wasting money by heating or cooling rooms that do not receive a lot of use. While this sounds pretty sensible, many are surprised at the answer when they ask if closing their AC vents damages their AC in Portage, MI. In fact, the closing of vents in your cooling system can actually have repercussions because it restricts the steady and consistent airflow that is the linchpin of all HVAC systems. Air needs to be regularly and consistently cycling throughout the entire system if it’s to work effectively, and shutting vents impedes this process.

Closing vents increases strain

When you close a vent, you’re not causing your HVAC blower to work less—you’re simply increasing pressure on the air ducts. This is bad for your system because blowers are designed to move specific amounts of air that are encountered by certain types of pressure. When this type and amount of pressure is changed thanks to closed vents, you could run into some real problems. Closing AC vents damages your AC in Portage, MI because you are altering the way the system is meant to be operated, which can lead to short- and long-term damage.

What else can closed vents damage?

There are a number of issues with closing certain vents that a qualified HVAC technician will be able to help you with. Closing AC vents damages your AC in Portage, MI mostly because it can harm the evaporator coil or the heat exchanger. Both can be hurt by low airflow—the evaporator coil could get too cold, and the heat exchanger can overheat or even possibly crack if air is not moving through the system at the proper rates specified by the manufacturer.

Working with HVAC systems is a delicate process. The systems are not especially fragile, but they do require certain specifications to work correctly, and none of these are more important than a good, consistent supply of airflow at all times. Air ensures that everything can work to its utmost potential and make your system operate at its best. For more information about your HVAC system, or to schedule repairs, reach out to the team at All Brands Heating & Cooling today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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