Here’s What You Need to Know When Installing a Smart Thermostat

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Smart thermostats are the latest in HVAC technology, allowing you a lot more control over your home—even when you’re not around. Some people choose to install their smart thermostats themselves, although we recommend calling the pros at All Brands Heating & Cooling to make sure the job is done right.

If you’re set on upgrading your own unit, here’s what you need to know about how to install a smart thermostat in Portage, MI:

  • Get a compatible thermostat: Most of the major smart thermostat brands like Nest and Honeywell are only compatible with low-voltage HVAC units. Low voltage is often called central heating and air, and is generally operated with one thermostat. Low-voltage systems run at 24v and are characterized by thin, multicolored wires, one central thermostat and a furnace, usually located in the garage or basement. If you have multiple thermostats, you probably do not have a low-voltage unit. Some thermostat companies offer compatibility tools, and you can always research your HVAC manufacturer to determine whether your system is compatible. If it’s not, call a professional to ask what your options are.
  • Find out if you need a C-wire: Smart thermostats typically require a wire to be plugged into the C terminal, and not all traditional thermostats include this option. Wiring compatibility is important, but there are options if you find that you don’t have a C-wire to work with—call your local HVAC technician for help.
  • Take photos: Before you dismantle your old thermostat and try to install the new one, make sure you take clear photos of the existing wiring. Make sure you’d be able to put your old thermostat back together in case the smart thermostat installation fails. We suggest taking at least three or four photos from different angles.
  • You’ll need a wire stripping tool: It’s easy to break thermostat wires, since they’re thin and fragile. If you accidentally break off the tips, having a wire cutter and stripping tool on hand will prove to be invaluable. You can easily strip the wires to create new tips to plug into the terminals—scissors can work, too, but you’ll get better results with the specialized tool.
  • Consider the wall: A lot of smart thermostats have much smaller footprints than traditional varieties, which means you might end up with mismatched paint or wallpaper when you pull the old unit off. Some smart thermostats come with wall plates specifically for this purpose, but if your unit doesn’t come with one, consider how you’ll repair the wall behind it.

Getting a smart thermostat is a great way to save on utilities while controlling your home’s climate from anywhere in the world. Installing them yourselves is possible, but if you’d prefer to leave your smart thermostat installation in Portage, MI to the experts, All Brands Heating & Cooling can help. We’ll gladly advise you about thermostat compatibility and flawlessly install your new unit. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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