What Are Some Common Issues with Boiler Systems?

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Homeowners frustrated with their hot water supply are likely dealing with one of several common boiler issues. Malfunctioning boilers are a pain, especially in the middle of a frigid Portage, MI winter! Read on to learn what issues are most common with boilers and when to consult an HVAC contractor.

Wrong thermostat settings

In the best-case scenario, your boiler could be perfectly fine—sometimes all you have to do is readjust its thermostat. This boiler component is similar to the thermostat mounted in your living room that regulates temperatures throughout the house. Thermostats maintain a high enough temperature within the boiler to ensure you receive heat and hot water.

If water is running cold, go into the basement and check your boiler’s thermostat settings. Turn it on if necessary and set the appropriate temperature. However, it’s important to note that boiler components break down with age and eventually need replacement. Call your HVAC contractor in Portage, MI if adjusting the thermostat doesn’t return heat to your home.

Leaky components

A leak is one of the most common boiler issues because it can happen to any component for a variety of reasons. It’s also the easiest problem to spot. You’ll know if the boiler has sprung a leak if puddles of water surround the tank or lie directly underneath the ductwork.

Homeowners can troubleshoot some leaks, while others require the assistance of an HVAC contractor. For example, you can try loosening the valve to relieve pressure in the boiler tank. If that doesn’t stop the leak, there’s a bigger issue at play, like a broken seal or pipe corrosion.

Extinguished pilot light

The pilot light is a delicate part of the system and may cause a number of common boiler issues. This component is a blue flame that ignites gas and sets the boiler in motion to heat the air in your home. If the pilot light isn’t functioning properly, the whole boiler system shuts down.

Pilot lights may go out for many different reasons. A draft might’ve extinguished it, or the thermocouple could be out of commission. The only way to receive a proper diagnosis is to schedule a visit from your HVAC contractor in Portage, MI. They know what issues are most common with boilers and will check every component until the pilot light is back on.

Whistling sounds

If you’re wondering what issues are most common with boilers, a whistling sound is definitely one of them. Homes that use hard water are particularly susceptible to a whistling boiler because mineral deposits can clog the heat exchanger. When this happens, the boiler works extra hard to distribute heat and hot water throughout your home. Whistling boilers that are neglected break down much faster and spike your energy bills.

Even if your boiler is operating perfectly fine, it needs routine maintenance in order to avoid these common issues. The HVAC contractors at All Brands Heating & Cooling in Portage, MI can fix any boiler problem and prevent them from happening in the first place. No matter the time of day, we’ll be here right away to put the heat back in your home.

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