How to Prepare Your AC for the Summer

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Is your air conditioning unit ready to handle the heat of summer? Higher temperatures mean your AC unit will have to work extra hard. This is why it’s important to provide your AC with proper maintenance and perform repairs when necessary. Examples of good AC unit maintenance include cleaning air filters, scheduling routine professional services and repairing any leaks. Read on to learn more about these and other maintenance tips for getting your AC unit ready to run smoothly all summer:

  • Clean or replace the air filters: This is one of the most important steps in proper AC unit maintenance. Cleaning or replacing the air filters will help ensure your AC unit works at maximum efficiency. AC units with air filters that are covered in dirt, dust and other debris will have a harder time cooling your home. There’s also a high potential of this debris making its way into your air supply. If you have a washable air filter, it’s usually best to clean it every 90 days or so. You clean a washable air filter by rinsing it with warm water, then allowing it to completely dry before reinstalling. You should change disposable air filters every month or so, depending on how dirty they are.
  • Clean the outdoor unit: Be sure to check the outdoor component of your AC unit from time to time. Remove any sticks, leaves or other debris that have fallen on or nearby the unit. Debris can sometimes block your AC unit, preventing it from efficiently cooling the home. This debris can also damage your unit if it gets inside.
  • Take care of any leaks in the ducts: There are sometimes gaps in the ductwork of your HVAC system, resulting in the loss of conditioned air. It’s important to routinely check for these gaps and have them sealed when necessary. While repairing these leaks is usually an easy process, it’s best to work with a professional HVAC services provider. This will help ensure the ducts work correctly long after repairs are made.
  • Inspect the coils: You can find the coils of your AC system connected to the outdoor unit. It’s important to check these coils for accumulation of dirt and other debris. This debris can build up over the winter and eventually clog the ducts of your AC system. Cleaning these coils is fairly easy, although the cleaning process can differ depending on your specific AC system. That’s why it’s good to have a professional come clean the coils for you.
  • Schedule inspections and maintenance: Be sure to have a professional inspect your AC system from time to time. It’s especially important to have this inspection performed before the height of summer. An HVAC technician will check for leaks, dirty air filters and anything else that might cause your AC unit to work inefficiently.

Getting your AC unit ready for summer is easy. Simply use the tips mentioned above, and your home is sure to stay cool all summer. If you’re looking for top-quality AC repairs at competitive prices, contact the experts at All Brands Heating & Cooling today.

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