10 Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Serviced or Replaced

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We do it every year. Many of us even wait until we can’t take it any longer, but eventually, all of us reach for the furnace. With a flip of the switch (or touch of a button today), we find that chill in our homes or offices replaced by the warm flowing air.

Ah, yes, you can almost feel it, right? The problem is you can also see, feel, and even hear when your trusted heating system starts calling out for furnace repair services. In many cases, furnace replacement isn’t necessary, but investing in the comfort and health of our homes and businesses is never a bad idea.

So, how do we know when to call a professional like All Brands Heating and Cooling for furnace repair services? Here are 10 easy-to-spot signs that your furnace may need attention.

Increase in Energy Bills

A rise in heating costs is a tell-tale sign that your furnace isn’t working properly. Simply put, furnaces don’t start costing more to operate for no reason unless there is an issue.

Yellow Pilot Light = Caution

The pilot light should burn blue when operating correctly. If it becomes a yellowish color, it could be indicative of a carbon monoxide leak and require servicing sooner rather than later.

Drafts and Icing

Are you experiencing cold drafts or recognizing ice on the roof? These are signs that your furnace isn’t working up to standard and needs servicing.

Increased Coughing and Allergies

Are you or is your household experiencing cold-like symptoms? Have you noticed an increase in coughing, wheezing, or allergies? Then your furnace may have air circulation issues or other problems that require a service call or inspection.

Does It Sound Like the Furnace Is Dying?

If it sounds like your furnace is dying, it may or may not be, but that is definitely a sign that it needs service. And no, it should be making ghostly sounds or making you think a locomotive is coming through the wall either.

Dusty Vents

Look for unusually dusty vents, especially if you are a decent housekeeper, for signs of ventilation and circulation issues. No, it isn’t a mark against your cleaning skills, but more likely a failing furnace fan or system.

Heating Time Getting Longer?

Does it seem like it is taking longer for the furnace to warm your home? Then you want to have it checked because this is a sign that your furnace isn’t working efficiently or properly.

Good and Bad Condensation

Some condensation around your windows is expected, and it means the furnace is working correctly. Too much moisture, though, and you may need your furnace inspected.

On Again, Off Again

When a furnace continues to start and stop its cycles, there is a problem. Getting service for your furnace sooner than later can also prevent bigger problems down the road.

Furnace Failure

If your furnace starts sometimes and sometimes doesn’t, it is time to consider furnace repair or even furnace replacement options.

All Brands Heating and Cooling is locally owned and operated, with over 25 years of quality service and dedication to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and work at affordable prices. Contact us if you have any questions or if you need emergency repair services today.

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